Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Building Inspector

Questions to Ask
Before Hiring A Building Inspector

Imagine building your dream home and getting the best builder (or so you thought), only to find out a few months after handover that something is wrong, and needs to be repaired or replaced! This is the main reason why it is essential to hire a building inspector – to uncover and avoid future issues with your home. You are spending a great deal of money building your new home, and want the best possible building inspection company working with you, to make sure that the builder’s work is properly checked by a qualified and experienced building inspector, ensuring that it is built to the highest possible standards!

Before you decide on who will inspect your new home, here are a few questions you should ask;

Are they registered with the VBA (Victorian Building Authority)? We are registered with the VBA in the highest residential building class, and although there is no requirement to be registered, it will confirm that the building inspector has enough experience if they are registered. If the VBA does not trust them, then, how can you? You can search for them on the VBA’s website to confirm!

How will they make sure the builder fixes the issues? We ensure that all of our reports outline the issue clearly, and include photos and information about which building code or Australian standard has been violated, so you (and your builder) can rely on our reports to be clear and accurate. Then, we give you the tools you need to ensure the builder remains motivated to rectify all of the issues completely. Click here to view one of our recent reports to see for yourself!

Do they have a 5-star rating on Google? Many building inspection companies only have a few reviews online, or some testimonials on their own site that they could’ve written themselves. We are rated 5 stars on Google and have numerous recommendations on most of the building Facebook groups. For more detail, check out our Google reviews.

Do they use contractors for the inspections? Many building inspection companies have contractors employed to do their inspections, where they take your money, then give half to the contractor for the inspection and report. We do all of our inspections in-house, and will never use contractors for your home!

Are their reports any good? Reports from other building inspection companies are often full of up to 100 template pages, with only a few pages of actual information relevant to defects. We don’t waste your time with pointless template pages, and instead focus on properly reporting on the actual defects, doing it in a way that forces the builder to fix them, so you get the best possible outcome. If you’re not sure, compare them!

How long do their reports take? Many building inspectors take 2-3 days to provide their report, and some boast 24 hours or same day. We have our detailed PDF reports completed and sent within only a couple of hours of the inspection, ensuring no delays for your project!

It is important to know the right questions to ask your building inspector, to learn as much as you can about them, and to make sure they are skilled, qualified and experienced. Because once hired, your building inspector will help evaluate your build and protect you from future expenses and stress brought about by serious structural defects.

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