Importance of Home Inspections

The Importance Of Building or Home Inspection

Having your family home built from scratch is one of the biggest, if not the biggest expenses you are going to make in your lifetime. And you say, it’s going to be newly-constructed. It’s new. A home inspection might not be necessary at all.


Just because your soon-to-be constructed home is new does not mean it’s going to be perfect. This is where home inspections come in. For some, this may seem an extra cost in an already expensive one, but a new home inspection is a chance to prevent further costly repairs and renovations later on.

What does a building inspection involve?

A home inspection is where a private building inspector evaluates your home or property’s structural elements, brickwork, visible interior and exterior, plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning systems, insulation and ventilation systems, installed appliances and all other accessible items that can be inspected.

What inspectors look for in a home inspection?

There are numerous defects that home inspectors find during new construction home inspections that are sometimes simply overlooked by builders. Some common issues found include:

  • Structural defects, like foundation and wall cracks, poor ventilation, roofing issues, defective framing.
  • Drainage problems that can later lead to water and structural damage.
  • Electrical, plumbing, and heating issues, like incorrectly installed services, leaking taps and fixtures, and unsealed ducts etc.
  • Brickwork, cladding, door and window frames.
  • Waterproofing issues that allow water leaks to damage your home.
  • Other issues related to plaster, tiling, flooring, joinery, and painting etc.

Home inspectors take into account local building codes and standards while doing the inspections, so you must hire a properly experienced and qualified home inspector.

Are home inspections worth the money?

Home inspections are optional and you can certainly skip them. But the risk in doing so is that there are unknown issues with your newly-built home that could arise after moving in or in the future, when it’s too late for the builder to fix and pay for it. And all you can do is to have the issue repaired, or worse, replaced with your own money – not only a waste of money itself but of precious time. Add to that the stress that it can give you.

In a nutshell, getting the service of a qualified home inspector can ensure you will have peace of mind for your family’s welfare and to protect your finances as well.

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