Pre-Plaster Inspection

Pre-Plaster is immediately prior to the installation of plasterboard. The reason this stage is so important to inspect, is that it is the last chance to check the walls and roof frame prior to plaster.

After the builder has rectified any defects from frame stage, the services trades (plumbers, electricians and heating contractors etc) come through to install their wires and pipework, with little regard to the structure of the frame. Often these contractors damage the members in numerous areas, and then the walls (and the issues) are covered up with plaster, until they later become a problem for the home-owner.

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Pre-Plaster Inspection

Also at this stage, the carpenter will come through to prepare (straighten) the walls and ceilings, so the plaster appears flat, and in doing so, often makes damaging changes to the structure without consideration.
It would make sense that the brickwork must be completed prior to installing plaster, however this is almost always not the case… Once the roof cover has been installed (roof tiles or metal sheets), and the wall wrap (sarking paper) has been fitted, the builder will often look to install plaster. This is called reverse building, and although it seems problematic, it should be fine if certain precautions are taken by the builder to ensure that the weather stays on the outside of the home.
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The specific components of the Pre-Plaster stage inspection that will be inspected include:

  • Roof cover has been fitted (roof tiles or metal sheeting),
  • The wall sarking wrap has been installed,
  • The services trades have completed their rough in, and
  • The last, and most obvious signs are that the wall insulation batts have been installed, and plasterboard has been delivered.

Some of the issues we see most often are wall frames where pipe and wire installation has unintentionally weakened the frames to a point of failure. We also see poorly installed wall insulation batts, with large gaps, where your hard-earned money you use to heat/cool your new home literally blowing out through the walls. A Correct Inspection Pre-Plaster Inspection will ensure that everything is properly built.

What do we look for at the Pre-Plaster inspection?

As for many of the stages, there are literally hundreds of things we are looking for, but some of the main items are;

  • Confirm that any outstanding Frame Inspection issues have been properly rectified,
  • Check the roof, eaves, fascia & gutter,
  • Check all wall frames to ensure they’re plumb, straight and square,
  • If brickwork is complete, thoroughly check for quality and adherence to standards,
  • Check that the services rough in works have not damaged the frames,
  • Ensure that all wall insulation has been properly installed, and
  • Check that the internal carpentry has been properly completed, without defects.
Plastering stage construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not the same thing. Lock up stage is a contract term to describe when the brickwork or external cladding has been completed, and pre plaster is immediately prior to plasterboard installation. The pre plaster inspection occurs at a similar time to lock up, but they are not the same thing.

The pre plaster inspection should be done after the electrical, plumbing and heating services, and immediately after the wall insulation batts have been installed. Builders often do not want us to inspect the insulation at pre plaster stage, but we suggest that you ensure we can check this too.

We inspect everything at the pre plaster inspection, including the wall and roof frame to ensure that the electrician, plumber and heating contractor have not weakened the frame, the electrical, plumbing and heating for proper installation, the walls and ceilings to ensure they are straight, and the insulation in all areas to confirm that the 6 star rating has been done properly.

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