Pre Slab Pour Inspection

The Pre Slab Pour is an inspection of your home’s base, piers, steel and formwork prior to pouring concrete, to ensure everything has been properly constructed and ready for concrete to be poured.

This inspection stage is generally conducted the afternoon before the slab is scheduled for concrete pour. Once concrete has been poured, there is no way to know what issues exist in the slab structure, until it’s too late…

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Pre Slab Pour Inspection

Often there are numerous defects present in the piers, steel, vapour barrier and formwork, and it is important to have them checked, as the building surveyor’s inspector often neglects to either detect or report on these issues.
Every concrete slab is individually designed, specific to the geotechnical conditions of the site. After a soil test confirms the site conditions, this design can be engineered. The structural slab design, and the installation has to comply with the NCC’s Building Code of Australia, and the relevant Australian Standard, AS 2870 – Residential Slabs & Footings.
Pre slab stage in a close view
Pre slab stage of construciton

The specific components of the Pre Slab Pour inspection that will be inspected include:

  • vapour barrier
  • stormwater and sewer drains
  • steel reinforcement
  • concrete cover
  • pipe penetrations
  • termite protection
  • bored pier locations
  • steel laps, location and installation
  • adherence to Australian Standard AS2860
  • adherence to Building Code of Australia
  • adherence to engineering documents

When to know the slab is ready for inspection

It can be only a matter of a week or so from when your builder starts on site, to when the slab is ready to be checked, and you may not have been introduced or even spoken to your building supervisor. If the drainage plumbing pipes have been installed, the concrete slab is likely only 1 or 2 days from ready.
The time between when the slab is ready, and when concrete is poured is only a matter of hours, and concrete slab works can easily be delayed one or more days due to a small change in weather conditions, such as rain, wind, or excessive heat, which will almost certainly delay things on most building sites. We suggest the you inform your builder that Correct Inspections will inspect this stage, and request as much notice as possible.
Soil testing on a vacant lot

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pre slab pour inspection is immediately prior to pouring the concrete slab, usually the afternoon prior.

We check all of the elements of your new home at the pre slab pour inspection stage to ensure it is properly constructed.
There are literally hundreds of things we check, but the main things are the base, pier locations, steel reinforcement, vapour barrier, waffle pod location, plumbing pipes, formwork, and many more.

The pre slab pour inspection can, and often does sneak up on owners, as the builder may not always provide updates until the last minute.
Therefore, we suggest that you inform your builder that you are having this stage inspected ASAP, and try to give us 2-3 days’ notice.

Yes, we can certainly assist with that. Simply provide us with the contact details for your builder/site supervisor and we will help, keeping you informed of any updates.

We have detailed pricing information on our pricing page

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