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Need more information on each stage?

The concrete Slab Pour is an inspection of your home’s base, steel, and formwork, etc prior to pouring concrete.
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Frame Stage is reached once the wall and roof framing has been fully completed.
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Pre-Plaster is immediately prior to the installation of plasterboard. It is the last chance to check the walls and roof.
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Fixing and Waterproofing are essentially two separate stages of the build, that normally occur at the same time.
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Once your new home has reached practical completion, the builder will contact you to arrange a Pre-Handover Inspection.
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A Pre-Settlement Inspection is for off-the-plan purchases such as units, townhouses, and apartments.
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Here are some FAQ’s to help you!

Correct Inspections recommends you inspect all 5 main stages, to ensure peace of mind throughout your build. Each stage is very important for different reasons. The main inspection stages are;

  1. Pre-Slab Pour (prior to pouring concrete slab)
  2. Frame Stage
  3. Pre-Plaster (after insulation, but before installing plaster)
  4. Fixing & Waterproofing (before painting and tiling)
  5. Handover 

For more information on these inspection stages, please see our services page

Yes, we most certainly are! Although there is no specific requirement for your building consultant to be registered with the VBA, wouldn’t you want to ensure that the building inspector you choose for your  project is qualified and experienced?

While other companies can take days to prepare and send the report, we always complete our detailed reports same day, within hours of the inspection.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we require a PDF copy of the following documents;

  • Building plans
  • Engineering plans (including all frame engineering)
  • Building Permit

All of these documents can be obtained directly from your builder.

Correct Inspections’ detailed reports outline defects that are non-compliant under the Building Code of Australia, all relevant Australian Standards, VBA Standards & Tolerances, manufacturer’s instructions, and your contract documents.

If defects are not being rectified, then we recommend that you contact your builder to discuss your concerns. You will be able to request to have your concerns escalated to the construction manager or the building manager. If you are unhappy with the response from your builder and need more information on actions you can take, we would recommend that you speak with Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria. They can be contacted on 1300 557 559 or via their website at

As soon as you have been given an approximate date for the inspection, you should email our office to schedule the inspection, to give us as much notice as possible to accommodate your request.

To ensure we get adequate notice from your builder, we strongly suggest you advise your builder in writing that you are using our services, and confirm with them which inspections stages we are helping you with.

No, you do not need to attend. We do not require anyone to meet us on site for any stage inspections, however we will require access from your builder once the site is locked. Access can mean leaving the site open, leaving a key for the inspector, or the site supervisor meeting us to open the site.

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How to Get Your Builder to Fix Defects

How to Get Your Builder to Fix Defects

After we have completed each comprehensive stage inspection on your new home, we send you a PDF copy of our detailed report within a couple of hours. To ensure the best possible outcome for you, we also send you a small list with the report of what you need to do next..

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